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Recently Asked Questions

To promote a store, you will need to book the classified ad under the section 'Retail'. To book a retail classified ad in the Telegraph, you will need to visit the Telegraph Retail Advertisement Rates page. Here you will be able to see the various cities where The Telegraph can publish your retail ad, along with their respective rates. Since the store is in Jamshedpur, you will need to compose and book the ad for Jamshedpur. It can either be a text classified ad or a display classified ad which can be composed and formatted according to your preferences. Note that the deadline to book retail ads in The Telegraph is three days before date of publication.
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Please know that the advert tha tyou'd like to publish comes under the Retail section. To know the rates & offers available for a Display ad in T2, the daily entertainment supplement of The Telegraph, please click on the link provided:  Advertise your lifestyle exhibition in T2, by choosing the preferred package or edition & composing the advert with the help of our online design templates. You may also upload your own advert designed by expert advertisers. Also specify the ad size to get the closest cost estimate for your ad size or choose the half page option. To ensure a timely release of your ad, please make sure that the booking is completed 2-3 days in advance along with the payment clearance for the same.
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Why Retail Ad in The Telegraph Newspaper

Retail ads are usually employed by advertisers when their retail shops are hosting a sale, or trying to boost their business with attractive orders. These ads have to be visually attractive to catch the attention of the readers and help reinforce the brand name.


The advantages of booking your Retail ads via releaseMyAd are:


• Book your ads in a simple online process that takes no more than 10 minutes of your time.
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• You can track the progress of your ad until it is ready to be printed
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The Telegraph Retail Ad Booking Process

To book your Retail ad in The Telegraph , take the following steps:


• Choose which location you would want to advertise in. 
• Compose your ad.
• Choose advertising dates and clear payment via a host of online & offline methods.

You can book your ads online from the panel above. Alternatively, you can click on any of the tabs below to get a better idea of retail advertising in The Telegraph.