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The Telegraph - Real Estate (Sunday only)
Rs. 3828/ 132 Chars
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The Telegraph - Real Estate (Sunday only)

Rs. 880/ sqcm
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Recently Asked Questions

Please know that releaseMyAd is an online ad booking agency. We book ads for newspapers through our online portal. If you want to place an ad through us in the Telegraph, under the To Rent/To Let section , please visit the following link: & choose Kolkata as your preferred location or edition as per the address provided. You may also review other combo discount offers suitable to your requirement. When you choose the edition,you are directed to the Compose Ad page where you can compose & enhance your advert with the help of ticks, borders, colour highlights etc.As you are done with composing the classified advert, please specify the ad release dates & clear the payment for the same. You can choose from our varied online & offline payment mediums to pay for the ad, which include Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, Demand Draft, Cheque deposits, Cash Transfer or Cash Collection.
Related to: The Telegraph, To Rent Post date: 11/04/2013 - 11:49AM
Please be informed that ReleaseMyAd is an online newspaper ad booking agency & we enable you to book ads in a number of newspapers across India through our online portal.  If you want to proceed with the booking of your To Rent advert in the Telegraph, please visit the following page: & you can review the ad rates for different locations as well as packages associated with the same.  On selecting the package, you are directed to the page where you can compose the advert as per your requirement & design the same with the help of our online enancements. At the end you are required to confirm the release dates & clear all the payments for the advert. If ypu choose pay by Cash Collection, your payment status will be added only after the payment is cleared. Our representative will contact you to confirm the time & place of visit, following which he will visit you & collect the cash while handing over an invoice to you with all the booking details.
Related to: The Telegraph, To Rent Post date: 09/04/2013 - 02:35PM
The latest time to confirm the release of your ad is at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release date and you must also clear all your payments at the same time for a timely release. Should you like to book an ad with us, please visit the following link: and choose the category as To Rent and you can view all the ad rates and relevant discount packages. 
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Why To Rent Ad in The Telegraph Newspaper

When someone is interested in subletting property to tenants, the simplest way to achieve that goal at the earliest is by publishing a ‘To Rent’ ad on The Telegraph newspaper. These ads contain several details about the property, such as the address, the area in square meters, and any significant landmark to identify the property, followed by the lessee’s preferred use of the property, viz office space, banquet hall, residence, etc.


When you book your ads via releaseMyAd, you get a whole lot of benefits, such as:


• You get to book your ads online in a simple process that takes less than 10 minutes of your time. 

• You can get access to the lowest rates, the most exclusive offers and the most enticing combos when you advertise with releaseMyAd, and what’s more, you do not need to pay any additional fees to avail online booking

• Before an ad is printed on paper, it has to pass numerous layers of clearance. releaseMyAd keeps you in the loop as your ad is being processed by allowing you to track the progress of your ads

• You can avail of up to 7 different online and offline payment options to pay your advertising bill.


Sample Ads of The Telegraph:


• 2BHKflat, 1 Store, 2 Balcony in township with gymnasium & pool facility in Zirakpur. Service family please contact - (11-4PM), commission agents please excuse .
• 3BHK Flat for Bank/Company lease at Halwasiya Enclave, Opp HAL Gate,Indiranagar,Lucknow, Mob- 9051473420.

The Telegraph To Rent Ad Booking Process

Now view rates, book your ads & clear payment for all your to rent ads in The Telegraph over the internet!

If you want to book a To Rent Ad in The Telegraph  in the simplest way possible, take the following steps:


• View advertising rates of different cities where you can advertise in The Telegraph from the list above.

• Compose your ads online. You can seek the help of our online ads gallery to efficiently compose your ad.

• Select advertising date(s) and clear payment.

You can book your ads on  The Telegraph by viewing rates and selecting your location from the panel above. If you wish to know more about releaseMyAd, click on the relevant tabs.